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Berber carpet has a long heritage tracing back to an indigenous North African people, the Berbers, who once knit distinct, handmade textiles from spun sheep’s wool. The modern Berber carpet is a looped style of carpet that resembles thick-woven knots.

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Berber carpet can be found at a variety of price points and is often a more cost-effective option for your carpeting. All carpet is manufactured with loops, but the Berber style leaves that looming intact, while pile carpets like Frieze have an extra manufacturing step to shear the loops into long or short strands.

Berber is also one of the easiest carpets to clean. Its intact fibers keep spills and dirt on the top surface of the carpet, so you can catch stains before they happen and keep your floors as beautiful as the day they’re installed.


Carpet your home without fear: due to the intact nature of the fiber loops, Berber carpet is one of the more durable varieties of carpeting available today. Quality matters, though—a low-quality Berber will wear much faster than a higher-quality option, depending on the strength of the looming and the materials in the carpet.

One of the few drawbacks of Berber is that it is prone to catching or snagging. You’ll need to be careful when moving furniture or other large heavy objects across your carpet or when vacuuming pre-snagged areas, but normal, everyday usage is fine.

Dog owners can rest easy, but cats may find the bundled loops an appealing place to scratch and could snag the carpet with her claws. If you’re a cat person, you find another type of carpet to be a better fit.


Berber is less plush than other carpet varieties, which makes it a better choice for allergy-prone people who still want carpeting in their homes. Though all carpets can harbor irritants like dirt, pollen and animal dander, Berber carpet keeps dust close to the floor and out of the air. With regular vacuuming, you can minimize reactions even further.

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