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Marble is well-known as a regal stone, and with good reason: delicate-patterned and incredibly strong, marble floors make an opulent statement in any setting.

Marble was most-famously mined in Italy to form gorgeous early sculptures and great historical architecture. Today, this stone variety can be found in hundreds of quarries across the globe, resulting in the many colors and grain patterns available today.

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Renowned for its beauty and durability, marble is one of the most widely-recognizable natural stones on earth. As a flooring material, it offers many benefits to those who want the investment. Marble provides a radiant surface: it glows with sunlight in well-lit rooms and makes any space inviting and elegant.

Though you wouldn’t dare call it a working-horse flooring material, marble makes for an ideal dense flooring material in high-traffic areas. It also makes for entirely one-of-a-kind rooms. Marble is a natural building material, so every slab that’s cut is unique to your home.


With the proper care, your lovely marble floors will last for centuries, but it’s also not a low-maintenance flooring option. Like any stone, it is one of the hardest surfaces you can install for your floors, but unlike other stone varieties, marble requires sealant before it is moisture, scratch and stain resistant. Raw marble scratches easily and is prone to absorbing stains, so you’ll want to take care with your elegant floors. For best results, we recommend re-sealing annually.


No matter their composition, stone tiles all have a hard, non-porous surface that resists usual allergen culprits like dust, dirt, pollen and animal dander. The smooth surface of marble makes it easy to keep clean, no deep scrubbing necessary, so you can keep dirt and allergies at bay with minimal effort.

At LA Flooring, we carry only the top-quality marble from tested brands that you can trust. Visit our store today to take a closer look.

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