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Looking for flooring for your sun porch or patio? Marble and other stone varieties are no longer your only option: indoor-outdoor carpet was created for these high-traffic areas and has the longevity to endure the elements in addition to regular wear-and-tear.

Available in both neutral colors and bold patterns, these carpets can fit any environment and are a great choice for a softer option underfoot in your seasonal rooms.

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Worried about volatile weather or harsh temperatures? We’re not, and you shouldn’t be. Our indoor-outdoor carpet options are created with moisture and UV resistance, so you can enjoy your outdoor rooms without fear.

These protective fibers are also incredibly easy to clean. Because they’re built to withstand all kinds of weather, you can hose them off and sun-dry them without any issues. Indoor-outdoor carpets are mildew resistance and extremely low-maintenance. They can also help retain warmth in your indoor-outdoor spaces by adding a layer of insulation against cold basic floors.


The durability category is where indoor-outdoor carpet shines. Build to withstand heavy traffic and perform under daily use, this multi-environment carpeting has a lifespan of 15-25 years depending on the backing materials, quality, and maintenance.

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your carpets, as will limiting moisture exposure from weather or spills.


Contrary to common beliefs, carpeted surfaces actually help trap dirt, pollen, dust and other allergens and help prevent the spread of airborne irritants four times better than their hard surface counterparts.

For a true hypoallergenic environment, we recommend maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule on carpet and solid flooring alike.

At LA Flooring, we carry only the top-quality carpet from tested brands that you can trust. Visit our store today to take a closer look.

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