Distinctive textures and color-play make patterned carpet a unique, luxe solution to your home flooring needs. Available in a variety of finishes and styles, patterned carpet combines multi-height fibers and color variations to add designer ambiance to your home.

Find a pattern as unique as your home in our collection of grid patterns, ripples, flourishes, geometric shapes and more.

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A less casual option than the shaggy appearance of frieze carpet, the textures of patterned carpet add an element of elegance to any room.

Pattern-woven carpet is created with alternating loops and sheared fibers, resulting in a texture-rich carpet experience that can be as modest or as dramatic as you want. Due to the variation in strands, this style of carpet is also more durable for use in the busiest areas of your home, from living rooms to bedrooms and beyond.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your carpet, make it with patterns. This style stays beautiful for years to come.


Patterned carpet is a durable residential option, even for high-traffic areas like hallways or staircases. When properly cared for, these elegant designs are more likely to go out of trend than to wear out. A good quality pattern can last well over a decade in your home, some even up to 25 years.

Some patterns do need special attention when vacuuming. A harsh roller brush can wreck the threads of your long-fibered patterned carpet, so you’ll need to make sure you use your vacuum without the roller brush when cleaning these areas.

We recommend vacuuming every two weeks to maximize the lifespan of your carpet.


Contrary to common beliefs, carpeted surfaces actually help trap dirt, pollen, dust and other allergens and help prevent the spread of airborne irritants four times better than their hard surface counterparts. For a true hypoallergenic environment, we recommend maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule on carpet and solid flooring alike.

At LA Flooring, we carry only the top-quality carpet from tested brands that you can trust. Visit our store today to take a closer look.

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