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Cozy underfoot and as pleasant to look at as clean, fresh-cut grass, Plush carpet is a luxuriant and sensory-rich option for formal areas of your home or office.

With Plush carpets, the pile is all cut to exactly the same smooth height, giving a lovely highlighted appearance to the color and texture of this soft flooring. This pile is prone to crushing from heavy traffic, but it is one of the softest options for cushioning your bedroom floors.

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Plush is one carpet variety that thoroughly lives up to its name. While not as dense as shorter-cut carpets, Plush provides a striking visual effect and a lovely texture underfoot, instantly warming any room and elevating the atmosphere of your living spaces.

Plush carpeting comes in a few varieties, such as Velvet and Saxony, depending on the length, twist and fray of the fibers. All of these variations bring an air of easy elegance and utmost coziness to your home interiors.


When properly cared for, a good quality carpet can last well over a decade in your home, some even up to 25 years.

Plush carpets are built to repel stains and hold spills at surface level, so regular basic cleaning should suffice to keep your carpets in tip-top shape. We recommend vacuuming at least every two weeks to maximize the lifespan of your carpet.

Though it shows footprints and vacuum marks easier than other carpet styles, Plush carpet responds well to regular cleaning and will remain stunningly welcoming for many years.


Contrary to common beliefs, carpeted surfaces actually help trap dirt, pollen, dust and other allergens and help prevent the spread of airborne irritants four times better than their hard surface counterparts. For a true hypoallergenic environment, we recommend maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule on carpet and solid flooring alike.

At LA Flooring, we carry only the top-quality carpet from tested brands that you can trust. Visit our store today to take a closer look.

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